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Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

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Trends and Future Outlook for Power Transformers in China

The power transformer industry, a key industry in China, has experienced a golden period of development. In this session, our speaker will explore recent developmental trends in power transformers, including new requirements and capacity. Changes to the power transformer manufacturer market landscape as a result of COVID-19 will also be discussed.

Speaker: Yanzhen Guo, Vice-chairman, CEEIA


HVDC Transformer: its Requirements for Raw Materials and Performance Analysis

As the key equipment of UHVDC transmission line, converter transformer's excellent operation performance can help the transmission network to be strong and stable. Taking the actual products of converter transformer as an example, the speaker will introduce the distribution characteristics of transformer under alternating and direct current electric field conditions, the characteristics of thermoset epoxy application under short circuit conditions, the heating  conditions under harmonic conditions and the selection of main components in converter transformer design.  The development trend of converter transformer design and manufacturing in the future will also be discussed.

Speaker: Ren Wang, Technical Manager, Siemens Transformer (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd.


Panel Discussion: China’s New Infrastructure Plan: Assessing the Challenges and Opportunities for Power Transformer Manufacturers and End User Industries

With the growth in new infrastructure construction, the power industry is experiencing new development opportunities. At the same time, the trend of producing green, intelligent and digitalized power transformers has also brought forward new requirements in R&D innovation in transformer materials and production processes. In this session, industrial experts will discuss:

·         New requirements from end users for power transformers - more energy-saving, smarter, more stable and more reliable

·         Impact on and opportunities for supply chain providers- Response measures of raw material suppliers

·         Process innovation in production and manufacturing:  how digital technology can help improve transformer R&D, design and manufacturing

·         Promoting the development of smart grids: online monitoring and automatic control of transformer operating status

·         What are the main innovations in insulation systems design in improving the safety and life cycle of   wind turbines and turbine transformers?


Lianwei Bao, Researcher, Chinese Southern Power Grid

Huan Zhou, Director of Technology Department, Changzhou Toshiba Transformer Co., Ltd

Youliang Sun, Vice Chief Engineer, SPECO

Peter Chen, Insulation Chief Engineer, Envision Energy 


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Best Practice Approach to Designing an Integrated E-motor and Improving NVH Performance of the Whole E-Drive System  

This session will focus on discussing the challenges of designing an integrated E-motor and the future development of technology trends. Our speaker will analyze the cause of NVH problems in the electric drive system and propose specific methods to improve it, especially the problem of abnormal sound.

Speaker: Jinling Zeng, Project Director of Electric Drive System, New Energy Center, Geely


Technology Innovations in Hair-pin Rectangular Copper Wire Winding Motors and Best Practice Applications

The rectangular copper wire winding motor performs better in terms of efficiency, power density, cost and noise when compared with the traditional round copper wire winding motor. This is a result of the technological developments in traction motors for new energy vehicles. In this session, our speaker will provide the audience with a better understanding of this innovative technology, detail current R&D activities and provide case study examples.

Speaker: Hongfei Cao, Deputy General Manager, LOONGSON


Key Development Challenges and R&D Achievements of On-board High-Power Density Magnetic Components in China

This session will give the audience an overview of the new requirement changes of high-power density magnetic components, the key technical bottlenecks and supply chain management risks of developing on-board high-power density magnetic components in China. Our speaker will also provide case studies to help the audience better understand how important it is to control the supply chain of on-board magnetic component production. 

Speaker:  Geliang Shao, Technical Director, Eaglerise Intelligent Device Corporation Ltd


Panel Discussion: How can the Performance of Electric Vehicles and E-motors be improved?

This session will give the audience a chance to gain insights from industry experts on the following subjects:

-          Coil selection and application - Hairpin, Continuous Pin

-          Winding process - Automatic wire embedding process, the process of improving the slot fill factor of the motor

-          Permanent magnet capabilities - the development of magnetic steel materials, rare-earth element control 

-          Improving motor system reliability - converter technique, oil cooling technology, assembly technology, EMC control, testing and optimal design  

-          High voltage motors - is it necessary to improve the voltage to meet the demand for rapid charging of electric vehicles? What are the main technical developments?


Xiongqiang Wei, Insulation Expert of Technical Center, Hasco Automotive Electric Drive System

Jinling Zeng, Project Director of Electric Drive System, New Energy Center, Geely

Shuangcan Wang, Director of Reliability & Insulation department, SEARI GROUP Co., Ltd                      Shuangyin ChengTechnical Manager, CRRC Times Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd  

Jiejun Liu, Electrical Engineer, Wolong Electric Group


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Thursday, March 11th, 2021

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Technical Analysis: Breakthrough and Progress in the Design of Permanent Magnet Servo Motors for Robots

China has become the world's largest consumer market for industrial robots, and it accounts for more than 30% of the global robotics market. Servo motors are the main type of motors used in robots. In this session, our speaker will focus on new breakthroughs in research and recent findings on how the efficacy and reliability of servo motors in robots can be improved.

Speaker: Peng Li, Senior Engineer, Shanghai ABB Power Transmission Co. Ltd


Case study: Application of Automation Equipment and Solutions to Support Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing is the future trend of the manufacturing industry in China. To support intelligent manufacturing, many companies have applied automation equipment into their production line. In this session, our speaker will show case practical examples of how automation equipment and solutions help improve the efficiency of production in coil winding, motor and power transformer manufacturing industries.

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Panel Discussion: Uncovering the Challenges and Solutions to Utilizing Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Exploring Its Future Development

With the development and improvement of mechanization, advanced manufacturing technology has been applied in different machinery manufacturing processes.  In this session, our speakers from end users in the manufacturing industry will share and discuss the problems they have encountered in the practical application of advanced manufacturing technologies, such as automation system solutions, and the solutions they ae exploring. The panel will also share their thoughts on the future development of advanced manufacturing technology.

Speaker: Yunfeng Cheng, Doctor, Midea

                 Yuanxiong Jin, Senior Manager, Techtronic Industries



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Moving Towards Permanent Magnetization: How Will it Affect New Requirements and the New Direction of R&D in Magnetic Materials for Motors? 

Our expert speaker will discuss the performance and cost of magnetic materials, provide an overview of the future of R&D innovation trends and technical developments of domestic motors, and analyze the feasibility of utilizing light rare earth or non-rare earth magnetic steels in motors.

Speaker: Youwei Du, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences


Laser Technology Innovation:  How Laser Technology Can Facilitate the Mass Production of New Energy Vehicles in An Efficient Way

Why is laser welding so popular? How exactly does it work? What are some of the challenges of laser welding? How will it optimize the production process?

Speaker: TruMicro Product Management, TRUMPF (China) Co., Ltd


Optimizing the Design of Insulation Systems to Improve Motor Reliability

Engineers are now paying more attention to motor cooling and insulation system design alongside the development of high speed, high efficiency, high voltage, high torque density and high-power density in motors. The audience will be introduced to the concept of full life cycle management to improve the reliability of motors by optimizing the overall insulation and cooling system design. The session will include insulation material selection, insulation cooling process innovation and system design evaluation and testing.

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High-tech Materials for Improving Energy Efficiency: Electrical Steel and Self-bond Coating Solutions

Electrical steel is used as the magnetic core for everything from electric motors to power generators and transformers, and it is a key component of the electromagnetic machines that power our world. What have some of the key advancements been in the electrical steel industry? How have these impacted on the performance of electromagnetic machines? Why are self-bond coatings so popular now? How exactly does a self-bond coating work, and what are some of the challenges associated with it?

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Friday, March 12th, 2021

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Smart Life:  Innovation in Motor Technology in the Design Process of Home Appliances

In this session, our audience will have the opportunity to hear best practices from a leading company in the electrical appliance industry on how to improve product design and increase market competitiveness. Our speaker will answer these key questions:

-          How can you minimize the power consumption of motors and compressors?

-          How can you improve the operating efficiency of the motor?

-          How can you minimize noise?

-          How can you improve product functionality while improving product safety?

Speaker: Di Wu, Electromechanical R&D Center, Midea Group


Smart Life Needs Smart Electric Tool —— Leveraging the Technological Innovation of Motors to Make Intelligent Electric Tools

The motor, as the core component, is responsible for power output in power tools.  Its processing capacity and manufacturing readiness level directly affects the quality of power tools. In this session, our speaker will share their insights into the manufacturing process of motors in power tools, including winding, spot welding, paint dripping and dynamic balancing.



Panel Discussion: How Will the Wave in New Infrastructure Construction Boost the Technological Innovation and Future Developments in Magnetic Materials and Components?

With the construction of various new infrastructure projects such as 5G base stations, big data centers, rail transit and charging piles/stations for new energy vehicles, manufacturers of power supplies, magnetic materials, electronic transformers and inductors have had to respond and increase production.  Our panel of experts will discuss the following:

-          What are the new requirements for R&D and manufacturing of magnetic components to support new infrastructure projects? 

-          What is the current development trend in terms of industry applications? What are the main challenges?

-          What are the biggest problems in terms of improving product performance and meeting customer needs?

-          Adapting to the difficulties caused by the global pandemic and other external factors, such as the US-China trade war.


Guilin Chen, Deputy General Manager, Dongguan Dazhong Electrics

Geliang Shao, Technical Director, Eaglerise Intelligent Device Corporation Ltd

Yong Zhu, President of Technology Research Institute, Shenzhen Jingquanhua Technology Co., Ltd


Closing Remarks

Yanzhen Guo, Vice-chairman, CEEIA

Mr. Zhen Yan Guo is currently involved in a range of organizations. He is currently the Director of Machinery and Industry at the Beijing Electro-Technical Institute of Economic Research (BERI), Vice President of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association (CEEIA) as well as holding an Advanced Engineer professorship. He is also the Commissioner for the National Transformer Standards Committee and Secretary General of the National Electrical Insulation Material and Systems committee as well as the State Council Special Allowance Winner.

Ren Wang, Technical Manager, Siemens Transformer (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd.

Mr. Ren Wang is the manager of technical solutions Department of power transformer engineering department in Guangzhou Siemens Transformer Co., Ltd, and is in responsible for the all AC and HVDC transformer technology in the bidding stage. At the same time, he is in responsible for the technical research and development of all HVDC transformers localization, as well as the transformer electric field and magnetic field simulation topics.


Lianwei Bao, Researcher, Chinese Southern Power Grid

Bao Lianwei received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Chongqing University. He is currently working in the Electric Power Research Institute, CSG, Guangzhou, China. His major research interests include Equipment quality control and engineering technology research, technical support for operation of converter transformer, and aging properties of insulation materials. He is mainly responsible for the preparation of technical specifications and on-site commissioning of converter transformer for a number of key DC projects, such as Dianxibei DC project, Yunnan-Guizhou interconnection channel project, Wudongde multi terminal DC project.

Huan Zhou, Director of Technology Department, Changzhou Toshiba Transformer Co., Ltd

Huan Zhou started his design career from Changzhou Transformer Factory in 1994, and joined the design department of Changzhou Toshiba Transformer Co., LTD in 1996. Now he serves as the technical director of Changzhou Toshiba Transformer Co., LTD. He has been engaged in transformer design and technical management for a long time, especially good at large capacity and high voltage power transformer structure design.

Peter Chen, Insulation Chief Engineer, Envision Energy 

Jian Chen graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and has been engaged in insulation technology, R&D, process and insulation solution for more than 15 years. He specialized in insulation technology of electrical machinery and equipment, especially in the high reliability demand industries, such as wind power, coal mining, EV&HEV, etc. He has served as director of basic technology, insulation solution specialist, chief engineer of insulation of Generator Center of Excellence.

Jinling Zeng, Project Director of Electric Drive System, New Energy Center, Geely

Zeng Jinling got her Ph.D. degree from the Automobile College of Tongji University, majoring in vehicle engineering. She is currently the project director of the electric drive system of Geely New Energy Center. She is in fully responsible for the overall operation and plan advancement of the 200KW flat-line three-in-one electric drive system project. In addition, as the chief engineer of motor system development, she also led the development of independent 48V BSG electric drive system, breaking the international technological fortress and reducing Geely's cost by about 15%.

Hongfei Cao, Deputy General Manager, LOONGSON

Hongfei Cao is currently the deputy chairman of the Standardization Committee of China Automotive Electrical and Electronic Branch, and the Shanghai automotive quality expert. After joining the new energy automobile industry in 2009, he has successfully applied for more than 20 patents. From 2011 to 2018, he worked in Huayu Automotive Electric System Co., Ltd. as the chief engineer. In 2019, Zhejiang Longxin Electric Drive Technology Co., Ltd. was established, which realized the first high-performance flat wire motor in the industry.

Geliang Shao, Technical Director, Eaglerise Intelligent Device Corporation Ltd  

At a professional product engineer devolting whole life to power electronics technology innovation, he successfully designed lots of great products from VVVF moter driver, inverter welding machines, communication power system, DC power supply UPS system for power system transformer substations and the power plants, PSU, SSPA-PS Power Supply System of CBB (Connexion By Boeing), Brick DC/DC converter, current sensors, power magnetic inductor & transformer for inverter air-conditionor, solar inverter, EV, PHEV, etc. More than 60 Japanese\US\Chinapatents on power supply and power magnetic components and has obtained more than 10 invention authorized.

Xiongqiang Wei, Insulation Expert of Technical Center, Hasco Automotive Electric Drive System    

Wei Xiongqiang, Insulation expert of Hasco Automotive Electric Drive System Co., LTD. He is good at research on electrical insulation system, including material selection, insulation structure design and verification, insulation technology, electrical testing, insulation equipment, etc. He has been granted more than 10 patents and won two provincial (municipal) science and technology progress awards.

Shuangcan Wang, Director of Reliability & Insulation department, SEARI GROUP Co., Ltd                     

As the Insulation Technical Director of Reliability & Insulation department in SEARI GROUP Co., Ltd. He had engaged in testing and research of EIM and EIS for 7 years. Deep understanding of EIS evaluation standards for motors and transformers. Expert in life assessment of EIM and EISpartial discharge test and dielectric loss test, etc. Responsible for projects involving nuclear power, wind power, hydropower, rail transit and electrical vehicle. Participate in the revision of several national and industrial standards.

Jiejun Liu, Electrical Engineer, Wolong Electric Group

Liu Jiejun is a senior engineer. He has been engaged in the research and development of insulation system of high-voltage motor for more than ten years. He has won the provincial and municipal Science and Technology Progress Award and new product Achievement Award for more than ten times. Currently he engaged in EV motor insulation technology development and process research, electric heating immersion process promotion and other work.

Di Wu, Electromechanical R&D Center, Midea Group

Dr. Wu Di received PhD from the University of Sheffield, UK, and currently serves in R&D Centre in EP BU of Midea Group. His major research interest is the innovation of compressors and motors for GMCC and Welling.

Guilin Chen, Deputy General Manager, Dongguan Dazhong Electrics

Chen Guilin, senior engineer, is the deputy general manager of Dongguan Dazhong Electronics Co., Ltd. He is mainly engaged in the research and development of soft magnetic materials and devices. He has worked in Lanzhou University, Southwest China Institute of Applied Magnetics, Huawei Electric, and Emerson Network Power. He has more than 30 years of rich experience in the development and production of soft magnetic materials and devices and their application fields. He is member of the Technical Committee of Ferrite Material Standardization (SAC/TC89), the IEC/TC51 Chinese Expert Group, and the Magnetic Technology Professional Committee of China Power Supply Society. He is also the editorial board member of "Magnetic Components and Power".